Regulations for using the Patient Portal

General information

  1. INVICTA Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sopot at 64 Polna Street, 81-740 Sopot, REGON: 192766523, NIP: 5851391084, KRS: 0000126605, hereinafter referred to as the Owner of the Portal, is the owner of the Patient Portal at (hereinafter referred to as published at
  2. is a service including the Patient Portal, the Doctor Portal and the Partner Portal enabling mutual communication within the functions mentioned below between patients, doctors and the medical units. The regulations define the rules and constitute the basis for functioning of the Patient Portal at hereinafter referred to as the Portal.
  3. A person who registers and activates the account in the Portal, hereinafter referred to as the User shall be obliged to get acquainted with these Regulations during registration or when logging on to the Portal for the first time. The User’s registration in the Portal is equivalent to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of these Regulations.

The Patient Portal

  1. The Portal allows the User to gather, browse and search data within the available functions:
    a) browsing and booking medical appointments within the schedules provided by medical units at through the Partner Portal;
    b) browsing the history of booked and past medical appointments, diagnostic tests performed both in the Owner Center and Partner Center;
    c) connecting a set of own personal data (files) gathered in IT systems of the Partners’ (medical units) and sharing these files with doctors for review;
    d) browsing and sharing the history of health and illness (medical records) with doctors for review;
    e) filling, saving, modifying and sharing overall history with doctors in the context of medical appointment booked;
    f) publishing, viewing and sharing documents with the Users of;
    g) viewing history of system events related to activities performed in the Portal;
    h) archiving medical documentation in electronic form;
    i) exporting data gathered at the Portal to files of a specific format;
    j) defining and modifying settings related to notifications sent via email by regarding booked appointment or other system events;
    k) browsing the list of deposits placed in the Bank of biological material of Invicta;
    l) making online payments for medical procedures and laboratory tests via Dotpay web-site.
  2. All Users registered in the Portal may use the Portal.
  3. Information concerning new functions of the Portal shall be provided to the User and send to the email address assigned to the account of the User in sufficient advance for the User to get acquainted with the changes.

Registration of the User in the Patient Portal

  1. In order to register, the User shall be obliged to provide identification data required by the Owner of the Portal.
  2. In order to take full advantage of all functions available in the Portal, the User should contact the Partner who runs a medical unit and operates at and integrate his or her own personal files with the Portal.

Logging on to the Portal

  1. In order to log on to the Portal the User is obliged to provide the login or email address and password.
  2. The User may change the password online after logging on to the Portal. The system will verify parameters of password change in password history and compliance of a new password with the standard.
  3. If an incorrect password is entered three times, the User’s account will be blocked. Each successful login to the Service resets the counter of incorrect passwords entered.
  4. If the User forgets the password, its recovery may be launched online at the login screen to the Portal. If the parameters in the launched function are correct, the system will send an activation link via email to the address assigned to the User’s account.

Enabling the payment for medical services by electronic means in the Patient Portal

  1. As part of the payment function, the Administrator makes it possible for the Users to use the following services provided electronically:
    a) getting acquainted with the list of deposits of biological material stored in the Bank of Gametes and Embryos of Invicta Sp. z o.o ;
    b) getting acquainted with the list of currently charged fees for storage of biological material in the Bank of Gametes and Embryos of Invicta Sp. z o.o.;
    c) making payments for selected medical services.
  2. The use of services indicated in para.1a) by the Users is only possible for people who have a Patient file connected to the Portal. The connection of the Patient file is made by the User himself after the prior visit to the INVICTA Clinic and signing of relevant documents.
  3. The access to information about accrued fees indicated in para.1b) is possible without additional authorization for the User, whose Patient file is connected to the account on the Website. A user with an unconnected file, to gain access to data, additionally authorizes by means of an SMS code.

The rules for making payments via the Patient Portal

  1. The payment of the next period of storage of the biological material deposit is carried out by selecting in the “My orders and payments” window, in the “My orders” window the calculation of the deposit fee and accepting and creating the payment on the website
  2. The rules for calculating fees for storing deposits of biological material are indicated in the Regulations of Bank of Gametes and Embryos of Invicta (hereinafter referred to as the Bank Regulations).
  3. In case of any questions related to the fee charged for storing the deposit of biological material, the User may contact INVICTA by sending a message to the following e-mail address:
  4. Payment for other medical services is realized by selecting the medical service in "My orders and payments" window, in "My orders" window, and by accepting and creating a payment on web-site
  5. The final payment amount in each case will be indicated after selecting the item from the list of orders in the "My orders and payments" tab, in the "My orders" window and selecting the “Accept and pay” button. The User can make a payment in the “My orders and payments” window in the "My payments" window, where he is automatically redirected when the order is accepted.
  6. The payments shall be made within 30 minutes after accepting the order. If payment is not made within the indicated time, the payment will be automatically canceled.
  7. The payments in terms of transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via

Purchased Services Return Policy

  1. In case of payments for deposit storage, in accordance with the Bank Regulations, the refuse to pay for the next deposit period and refunding of the amount is possible only if the payment is calculated with violation of the Bank Regulations or if the payment is charged in undue manner (e.g. earlier payment by another person).
  2. In case of non-performance of the prepaid services (medical visit, ultrasound examination or other medical service or surgery intervention), the Patient is entitled to a refund of 100% of the service value if the visit is canceled at least before the planned date of service - NOTE if the User cancels the visit/examination within the shorter period no refund is due.
  3. If the service is not provided for reasons attributable to the portal owner, the patient will be offered a different date for performing the service without having to make another payment. If the patient does not want to provide the service at a different time, the amount paid by the patient will be refunded.
  4. Refunds referred to as in points 2 and 3 will be made within 7 days, after the patient has sent information about the service, which was not provided and necessity to obtain refund into the e-mail address:
  5. In case of a payment under the IVF Program, the User is entitled to a refund resulting from individual annexes to the IVF Program Regulations (INV.Z.KLN.08.PP.R.01).

Responsibility and disclaimers

  1. The Portal Owner shall administer the Portal and make every effort to ensure continuous operation without interruption of all available functions of the Portal.
  2. The Portal Owner reserves the right to periodically disable the availability of the Portal in order to expand or improve it.
  3. The Portal Owner informs the User about planned interruptions in the availability of the Portal within 2 days before the scheduled interruption.
  4. The Owner of the Portal shall not be liable for:
    a) effects of providing login and email address assigned to the User’s account or password to third parties, regardless of whether the third parties obtained access to this information with or without the consent of the User;
    b) damage caused by using the Portal in an incorrect way, contrary to the Regulations;
    c) problems in functioning of the Service if they occurred due to events that the Owner of the Portal, with due diligence, was not able to predict or prevent, in particular in case of issues with functioning of the Portal related to the quality of services provided by telecommunication operators;
    d) sudden interruptions in functioning of the Service caused by failures of equipment, information systems or other circumstances beyond the control of the Owner of the Portal.
  5. The User of the Portal may independently, at his or her own discretion and on his or her own responsibility, make available the medical documentation or medical data posted on his or her account to a doctor or Partner (medical unit) for inspection. The provision of medical documentation or data by the User shall be equivalent to his or her consent to make them available.

Privacy Policy / Security Policy

  1. The Owner of the Portal shall make every effort to ensure that the Users’ data is protected with the use of modern technologies in accordance with applicable security requirements and confidentiality principles.
  2. The Owner of the Portal undertakes to store and share information entrusted by the User in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  3. It is prohibited to copy and misuse the information available in the Portal and to use it in bad faith.

The Service Administrator

  1. The Owner of the Portal ensures the protection of the processed personal data of the Users. Detailed information regarding personal data are included in the Information from the Personal data controller.
  2. Protection of personal data of the Users is ensured by means of:
    a) and individual and unique login
    b) password provided by the User while logging on to the Portal.
  3. The implementation of the privacy and security policies in the Portal is described in detail in a document entitled Privacy Policy available to the Users at the website of the Portal.

The User

  1. The User cannot post content not related to purposes of the Portal, in particular contents contrary to the law, morality and principles of social coexistence.
  2. Due to the security of the User’s personal data and medical documentation posted on his or her account, the password chosen by the User should not be identical with the email password of the User and in other services which require its usage (e.g. an online forums, blogs, etc.).
  3. If the User suspects that an unauthorized person has access to his or her account, the Owner of the Portal should be notified about this fact with the use of a contact form.


  1. Complaints related to the malfunction of the Portal may be reported online by the User in the Help section after logging on to the Portal.
  2. The Owner of the Portal shall be obliged to respond to the complaint within 14 days of its receipt, indicating whether the complaint is accepted and how it will be taken into account or informing about no grounds to accept the complaint with relevant justification. The Owner of the Portal sends the response to the complaint to the User by electronic means to the indicated email address.
  3. The Owner of the Portal shall not responsible for any problems and technical limitations occurring on the User’s hardware, preventing proper use of the Portal. In order to use the Portal the User must be in possession of a computer hardware with Internet access with minimal internet bandwidth of 256 kb and one of the following browsers installed: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.

Account lockout in the Portal

  1. The User Account can be blocked:
    a) automatically after entering an incorrect password three times;
    b) by the Owner of the Portal upon an express request of the User.
  2. User account lockout aims to protect User’s data from unauthorized access.

Changes of the Regulations

  1. The Owner of the Portal reserves the right to change these Regulations at any time. The current version of the Regulations is available at
  2. A revised version of the Regulations shall be effective from the moment of its publication at the Portal.